(photos by Jade DaRu)
As a culinary enthusiast, I love to cook and create new dishes as well as seek out great food outside my kitchen. It's the joy of coming up with or finding something outrageously good and document it, then of course eat it.
British Cream Scone Dough Ready to Roll, Cut & Bake 
(Jade DaRu Kitchen)
Dana Confections at Bastille Day Celebration | NYC
Coffee Before the Cup | NYC
(Jade DaRu Kitchen)
Sage Smoked Brownie by Dominique Ansel | Dominique Ansel Kitchen, NYC
Afternoon Pick-Me-Up | Le Pain Quotidien, NYC
Calissons by Dana Confections at Bastille Day Celebration | NYC
Attack of the Purple Brussels Sprouts Sautéed with Leeks | NYC
(Jade DaRu Kitchen)
Lemon Thyme Shortbread Cookies
(Jade DaRu Kitchen, Recipe:  Love and Lemons)
Tomato Confit
(Jade DaRu Kitchen)
Baked Camembert with Andrew's Honey Prep
(Jade DaRu Kitchen)
Baked Camembert with Andrew's Honey Straight from the Oven
(Jade DaRu Kitchen)
Gotta Have Your Beet Greens
(Jade DaRu Kitchen)
Garlic Confit Croissant at Dominique Ansel Kitchen
Luncheon with Friends | Brooklyn NY
Flourless Chocolate Cake from Wild Restaurant | Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Ice Cream Creation by Dominique Ansel |Dominique Ansel Kitchen, NYC
Panna Cotta with Berry Sauce at Wild Restaurant | Williamsburg, Brooklyn
You never know who or what you will see in your travels.
These are candid shots and street photography that caught my fancy along the way.
(all photos Jade DaRu)

Billie & Larry in Love | New Orleans
Girl and the Green | New Orleans
$1 for a Pet, Blues for Free | New Orleans
Future & Dreams | New Orleans
Yellow on Yellow | New Orleans
Girl Adventure | New Orleans
Windswept | New Orleans
Hendrick's Gin World Cucumber Day 2016 | NYC
Brooklyn Art | Williamsburg, NY
Rainy Days | NYC
Family Life | NYC
Black & White News | NYC
If Waiters Could Talk, the stories they would tell. | Williamsburg, NY
Cracked | Queens, NY
Diner Reflections | NYC
Reflections of Pier 59 | NYC
Wild and domestic animals, birds, etc. are a difficult bunch when it comes to photographs.
They keep you on your toes so you must be prepared to be quick on your feet to get the shot.
(photos by Jade DaRu)

Bijou Cat | Queens, NY
Bryant Park Dragonfly | NYC
Riverside Park Resident | NYC
Demanding Sea Lion, Central Park Zoo | NYC
Central Park Panda Nap | NYC
Shoes, teapots and mason jars 
Reflections of Shoes | NYC
Color Pop | NYC
Afternoon Tea | Queens, NY
Mason Jar Art | Queens, NY
I love taking pictures of flowers, plants, and trees.
If a butterfly gets into the picture even better.
(Photos by Jade DaRu)
Butterfly at Olana | New York State
Metal & Flora | Williamsburg, NY
Yellow | The Meadow, NYC
Pink | The Meadow, NYC
Peonies | NYC
Red Leaf Grate | Queens, NY
Lone Leaf Blues | Queens NY
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