I begin with a confession. 
My path of graphic design debauchery started when I was a makeup artist by trade. Photographers would spew little white lies telling me, “of course I fixed the image before I sent it to you!” Alas, they had not. Determined to show my makeup skills at their best, I learned to retouch the photos myself. Soon, other makeup artists begged me to fix their photos, too. Next thing I knew I was creating logos, comp cards, restaurant menus and advertising inserts by the seat of my pants for a cast of NYC’s most diverse artists and entrepreneurs. After awhile, it became clear that graphic design was meant to be more than a helpful hobby, but rather a destiny! To turn dreams into action, I sought the tutelage of design professionals at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  While in school, I continued to freelance and learn as much as I could.
My first real-life project after graduating was a challenge and a triumph! I accepted the task of creating the identity and 19-year history for a fictional Off-Off Broadway company for the up-and-coming satire and webseries,Off-Off Kilter. More recently, I had the honor of creating a promotional design for the wildlife sanctuary, Big Cat Rescue, which has led to talks of creating a series based on the original design.  
As my career builds, my creative efforts have expanded (but are never limited) to designing print and digital content, logos and branding, layout for posters, pamphlets, menus, promotional assets, and book covers, artwork for indie theater, and social media for a wide range of interests including dancers, restaurants, and NYC local bees.
To keep myself grounded, I am a passionate culinary enthusiast and alchemist, coffee and tea aficionado, and photographer who loves to write poetry, short stories, and engaging social media posts. I am also an experienced makeup artist and organic skincare specialist, who will often whip up my own lotions and balms.
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