I begin with a confession. My graphic design journey began through the chicanery of photographers who pledged to fix images they had not, inspiring me to learn the art of retouching photos myself. Next thing I knew I was designing logos, comp cards, menus and advertising inserts by the seat of my pants for several NYC-based artists and entrepreneurs.
After awhile, it became clear that graphic design was meant to be more than a helpful hobby, but rather a destiny! To turn dreams into action, I sought the tutelage of design professionals at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  While in school, I continued to freelance and learn as much as I could.
Now my creative efforts include designing print and digital content, and social media for a wide range of interests. 
To keep myself grounded, I am a passionate culinary enthusiast and alchemist, coffee and tea aficionado, and photographer who loves to write poetry, short stories, and engaging social media posts. I am also an experienced makeup artist and organic skincare specialist, who will often whip up my own lotions and balms.
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